Taxis Vs. Limousines

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Say you are at the airport, arriving in a new country or city but you have no one picking you up to take you to where you need to be. You would probably be choosing between a taxi or limousine service. These two transportation services are one of the most popular when it comes to getting to place from an airport. Although, which one is the best mode of transportation to take when you are faced with a choice between a limo or a taxi? Here is a guide to your taxi and limousine services to help you decide which one would suit you better.

By definition, a taxicab is a vehicle that has a meter installed to tell the price of the ride from point a to point b. These taxis are all over, and they are present all over the world. These taxis are for people looking to spend a bit less than that of a limousine. Taxis have a base fare, and their base fare is lower than that of the limousine because of what it offers. Taxis are bright yellow and sometimes unsanitary. They are public vehicles that may or may not be well take care of depending on the driver. Also, you must be wary of the drivers.

Taxi drivers have a bad reputation because of their rudeness and reckless driving. These are some of the qualities that taxi drivers are judged. Also, the cars are not as pleasing to the eye. Sometimes these cars are filthy on the inside and have bumps on the body of the car. Taxis are sometimes unreasonable, and if by chance you get a driver that needs to make some more money, they will not hesitate to change the rate to hit their quotas even if it means breaking the moral code of taxi cabs.

Limousines, on the other hand, is the more upscale and expensive and upgraded version of the cab. There is also a base fare for the limousines but depending on the limo service they could either charge by the hour or how far the place you need to be is from the starting point of the limo. The privacy you get in the limousine is also a far cry from the taxi as it would offer better seats and a cleaner experience. Although, with all these benefits would come to the price that goes with it. Sometimes the limousine ride could be twice the price of a taxi ride. It would be better to ride a limo if you are willing to spend more on transportation.

These are some of the factors that would affect the decision of you riding a taxi or a limo. It may seem like a tough choice, but both of these services would get you to the same place the only thing that would differ is the convenience, travel time, and price. These three factors would be your decision and would be the primary reasons as to why you would choose either of them. Click to request for limo services.

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