Solid Foods that Harm Your Teeth

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The food that you eat determines not just your overall health but also your oral health. There are many solid foods in your diet that might look very delicious and healthy. Unbeknownst to you, they create damage and stains to your teeth. Some food has properties that make them stuck in between your teeth that allow for cavity and bacteria build-up, while others are acidic that potentially harm your enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable. While it is easy to repair them through different dental cosmetic procedures like Veneers Colorado, it is still better to avoid these damages and stains. 

Dried Fruits and Chewy Foods 

The label “fruits” can deceive you into thinking that it is generally healthy. While this is true, most dried fruits are sticky. They get stuck and cling in the teeth and their crevices that result in sugar trapped in these areas. If you cannot help yourself from eating these, you can rinse, brush and floss your teeth minutes after eating.  


These sweets are a better candy alternative to other candies and sweets as they contain less sugar. Just make sure to rinse, brush, and floss. 


The same effects are done through sticky foods. Sticky foods can stay attached to and between your teeth for a very long time and this food debris can feed the bacteria in your mouth. When this food debris are preserved longer (because they can be very hard to remove by brushing and rinsing, they allow bacteria to produce much more acid than the usual.  


Potato Chips, Starchy Foods, and Refined Carbs 

Potato chips and their crunch can be very satisfying to both our ears and taste buds. Unfortunately, they are loaded with lots of starch. These starch will eventually become sugar trapped in between our teeth and feed the bacteria in the plaque. Aside from this, acid production from these chips can also last long. When eating chips, it is recommended that you wait for several minutes and brush as well as floss your teeth. 


Refined carbs, when consumed, turn to sugars immediately in your mouth and this results in acid production by bad bacteria. Aside from your potato chips, many starchy foods like pasta and bread can easily become lodged between teeth and in crevices.  




Vinegar is essential to the pickling process. This what gives it its sour taste. Unfortunately, vinegar contains a lot of acids. Vinegar can be used to clean different house parts. Likewise, this acid that comes from the vinegar is a potential hazard to your tooth enamel. In a study in 2004, it was shown that English teenagers who ate pickles as part of their diet, had experience more tooth wear than those who did not eat pickles. 



Citrus Fruits 

Citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C that can be very healthy to your body, but detrimental to your teeth because of its acid content. Acid, as commonly known, damages your enamel that protects your teeth.  


Of course, we do not recommend to stop eating these fruits. What you can do is to drink plenty of water minutes after eating.  



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